Update on Dawkins forum closure

Since posting the previous blog entry, there have been further developments. Also, I would like to take this moment to stress that the big issue isn’t over the website changing. Yes, I think the forum was worth keeping. Richard Dawkins believes otherwise. We’ll know who is right once the new website is up and running. I can accept the possibility that I’m wrong. This kind of thing is subjective. It’s an important matter for all the users of the forum, so I was simply sharing my opinion that the forum should be kept. But it is Richard’s website and it’s obviously his decision.

The primary purpose of the previous blog entry was simply to provide the real story since the site admins at RD.Net had censored it and provided the public with lies. The secondary purpose was to help ex-members locate each other, since communications were blocked on the forum. Discussions over the best direction for the website to take are interesting, and I encourage them, but what I really aim to highlight is the dishonest tactics that have been put in place. Also, at no point have I accused Richard Dawkins of being behind these tactics. Based on all of the evidence, I believe that Dawkins may also have been duped by Andrew Chalkley and Josh Timonen. It was certainly Richard’s idea to try and improve the website by removing the forum and his team are simply following orders, but there is also evidence that his team has lied to Richard as well as the public.

As you will know if you read the original entry, Josh and Andrew received a lot of criticism after the announcement. This thread was mild. Us moderators were thought to be behind the decision at first, so we made it clear that we had been sacked and knew nothing about what was happening. Josh and Andrew then locked the forum, deleted the accounts of mods explaining what happened, and deleted accounts of regular members trying to tell others of the censorship. The whole criticism thread was deleted. They locked the forum, stifled communications, then reopened the forum in a read-only state. They then made an announcement claiming that the forum was locked due to the bad behaviour of mods and regular members, which isn’t true.

Now for the new information. Although unable to do anything on the forum, we were able to watch the admin logs and keep track of what changes were happening. This is how we know which threads and members were deleted etc. By this point, the forum was never to be used properly again, and nobody would ever see the admin log ever again. In fact, the only person that could possibly ask to see it now would be Dawkins himself. With this in mind, it is interesting that Josh and Andrew began wiping the admin logs after their actions. When an admin or moderator conducts a forum action such as moving a thread or banning a member, the action is recorded automatically in the admin logs. Andrew and Josh deleted threads, then wiped the admin logs. They deleted members, then wiped the admin logs. They covered their tracks. Surely there would be no point in doing this other than to hide the actions from Dawkins himself. He’s the only other person who would still be able to access such information once the forum is locked. I don’t consider Dawkins innocent in all this, but this was the first observation that caused me to consider the possibility that Dawkins was being duped as well by the censorship and lies.

Next, Dawkins made an announcement himself, quoting some very aggressive insults made against the team. It had been claimed these were made by mods and regular members of the forum, and serve as an example of the terrible behaviour that Josh and Andrew claim got the forum locked. So once again, we look like the bad guys. However, it should be noted that the criticism thread was deleted before Dawkins saw it. So where did he get these quotes? He must have been given them by Josh or Andrew, and this is now the main reason I believe Dawkins is innocent and being lied to by his own staff. The same staff who have been hiding their actions in the admin logs.

Please take note:

– Although the criticism thread was deleted, many mods and regular members saved the contents before it was lost.

– The quoted insults are not found anywhere in that thread.

– Indeed, the quotes have been traced to an entirely different forum, and weren’t posted by the sacked moderators.

– These quotes were posted after the forum was locked, despite being used as reasons for locking the forum.

Quotes weren’t used from the original thread, for various reasons. Firstly, the thread was fairly mild. Honest quotes wouldn’t have been as interesting. After all, we impose strict moderation rules regarding personal insults and attacks on the forum. Secondly, the thread was completely deleted by Josh and Andrew, so they no longer had any quotes to provide (unless they too saved the thread to their own computers). It seems that Josh and Andrew not only lied to the public by shifting blame onto members and mods while deleting the evidence, but it seems they have worked hard to cover up their mess from Dawkins too. They have further given us a bad name by posting quotes which weren’t even made by us, weren’t even made on the forum they claim they were, and are claimed to have come from a thread that just happens to have been conveniently deleted. Fortunately, we have a lot of friends who copied the thread. Causing Dawkins to believe that loyal moderators were hurling these types of insults at his team on his own forum, it seems they’ve given him these quotes without bothering to tell their boss that they came from somewhere else and were posted after the events. If I insult Richard right now, here on this blog, could it be used as a reason for having to lock the forum? I can’t condone the insults, but it is important to note that the quoted ones were made in response to what happened at the forum. Andrew and Josh claim the forum was locked because of those insults (from the future and on a different website). Everything is backwards.

Of course, it is a possibility that Dawkins knows this and is lying to us all. You never know. I know Josh and Andrew have been hiding actions that only Dawkins would be able to see and that does seem fishy. It almost seems too ideal that all of this kicked off while he was traveling.

I can’t control how people use the information on my blog. Some are starting debates, arguments, attacks… Some against the behaviour of the site admins, some against myself, the other sacked moderators, and the regular ex-members. But again, I wish to make the purpose of these posts absolutely clear. I wish to preserve a record of what happened. Us mods are attempting to clear our name and expose the dishonest tactics used by the people who wish to use us as scapegoats for their own mess. I also hope that I can help many lost and confused ex-members of the forum find old friends and new places to communicate with people going through similar problems. Especially members from Iraq, Iran, Turkey etc who used the forum as a safe haven.

By all means, continue discussing whether a traditional forum system is good or bad. But I’ve moved on, as there’s nothing we can do to change Richard’s mind. It’s his site. I just think some of these things that happened are worth knowing.

About Peter Harrison

Evo lab rat, student (again), stand-up comedian, magic consultant, writer, skeptic, gamer. Reality is my religion. http://peter-harrison.com Follow @Harrison_Peter for English. Follow @kaigishin for 日本語.

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  1. Graham Davis

    I joined the RDFS forum in Oct 2006 a few weeks after it started and have visited the site daily ever since, until now! I saw the posts grow from a few thousand to over 2 million. I am appalled at the changes recently made, they make no sense. I wonder if Richard has seen the stats, they must have fallen of a cliff.

    Thanks for enlightening us on the events preceding the change.

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